DVD-172 Advanced Folding Knife Techniques DVD

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Do you have one? A folding pocket knife with a 3-4 inch blade - like the knife available above. Do you truly understand the power of this size of blade? Did you know that just one slash can cause instant death? This program is a graphic look at the awesome power of a 4 inch blade when placed in the hands of a moderately trained individual. You'll see an incredible cutting demonstration with the star of the show, "Meat Man." Plus, we examine basic and advanced knife fighting skills, a realistic approach to what happens in a knife fight, what to look for and what to do when a knife is presented towards you, what type of knife is most recommended for self-defense, and why, incredible and beautiful cutting demonstrations, and why some modern knife fighting experts do not truly understand the power of this blade. This is a great reference, because it wakes you up to the reality that there are a lot of people who carry these knives and don't know what this blade can really do!