C-9512 Advanced Tactical Marksman More High-Performance Techniques for Police,Military,and Practical Shooters

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When Lauck wrote THE TACTICAL MARKSMAN in 1996, serious shooters around the world took notice of its solid how-to information and insightful examination of the state of marksmanship. It quickly became a sought after training manual for police, military and civilian marksmen alike. Now Lauck, one of the most respected names in high performance shooting and gunsmithing, refines and updates that information. Dispensing with overcomplicated mil-dot formulas and minute-of-angle calculations, Lauck shows you how to achieve superior accuracy and figure out angle shots, streamline the zero process, hit targets at 2,000 yards, deal with dawn and dusk shoots, train for real-world scenarios, choose optics and accessories and create a mobile shooting platform. He also demonstrates the advantage of his custom reticle design and describes important advancements in the MR-30PG shooting system.