C-9629 How To Bury Your Goods: The Complete Manual of Long Term Underground Storage


This is a hardcore book for hardcore individualists who dont trust banks, or anybody else, for that matter. It tells you in step-by-step detail how to bury any valuables or contraband you might wish to store and conceal, and how to defeat searchers who might try to find your caches. Contents include: * What do you have to hide? * When to bury it so you wont be seen * Where to bury it so it cant be found * How to bury it without leaving telltale traces * How to pack burial containers - and where to get them * How to beat metal detectors * How to outfox search teams * How to retrieve your burial containers * Protecting against moisture * Burial containers: Built and bought * Information security * And more, including source listings for Cosmoline and other hard-to-find items. How To Bury Your Goods is the single finest book ever written on methods of long-term underground storage. Bury it now and dig it deep! 8.5 x 11, softcover, 82 pges, ills.