DVD-086 Carlos Hathcock: Marine Sniper : War Stories And Tactical Tips From The Master Sniper


When Carlos Hathcock talks about sniping, it’s not theory, its experience. He is the most accomplished sniper of the Vietnam War (with 93 confirmed kills and “gobs of probables”). In his own words, Hathcock describes his famous engagements – including the famous five-day standoff with a company of Vietcong and his unparalleled 2,500-yard confirmed kill with a .50-caliber rifle – and offers his unique insights on the difference between sniper training for the military and police SWAT teams, the most important skill for a sniper, shot placement, the importance of patience, how to use concealment & camouflage, proven practice techniques, target selection and much more. Snipers must be able to outthink as well as out-shoot their prey. Carlos Hathcock tells you how to do both.

Color, approx. 55 minutes.