C-9705 The New Competitive Ar15: The Ultimate Technical Guide: The Rifle, the Ammunition, the Shooter

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The Competitive AR15: the ultimate technical guide in in no way, shape, or form an update, revision, rehash, or rewrite of the first book. This is an ALL-NEW work with a considerably different flavor, and a considerably more detailed content. Its also a radically bigger book than the first (470 pages and 475 photographs). The old one was 288 pages. The focus is the same (making AR15s work) but the format and presentation are different. This time I built several project rifles, including 6 full-custom ultimates. Separate segments on all these rifles take a long and hard look at what went into them all -- every little piece and part, including, of course, the decisions made on what should be there. Project rifles include a .22 PPC, the most extreme competition AR15 (my opinion) in captivity, two different takes on the the ultimate Service Rifle. A Big-AR chambered in 6XC. Theres even a specialty short-course rifle built in .222 that was on the cover of GUNS Magazine. Theres some serious in-depth on factory-made rifles, custom carbines, custom varmint and tactical guns, and even .22 long rifle uppers. The Handloading segment contains all the information on the newer builts a radically bigger book than the first (470 pages). Each system has its own segment this time around: bolts and carriers, gas system, springs, magazines, barrels, triggers, furniture, and more. Plus a huge segment on maintenance and troubleshooting. All through theres the sort of commentary and perspectives youre used to seeing in my books that hopefully answers every question concretely.