C-9196 Ditching Your Debts


Has the high cost of modern living finally gotten to you? Are you so deeply in debt that it’s impossible to imagine getting clear of your financial obligations? Is your job at a stand still? Are loan and credit card payments driving you crazy, with ever mounting interest payments and no hope in sight? Then it’s time to read Ditching Your Debts, G. B. Clark’s ground-breaking guide to solving your seemingly insurmountable financial problems! Learn some proven techniques that will enable you to surmount your troubling predicament. Ditching Your Debts informs you: The quickest way to ditch your debts; legal considerations that every debtor should be aware of; How bill collection agencies operate...and how to foil them!; How to generate some breathing room for yourself by getting lost...and the most successful ways to go about disappearing from your creditor’s sight!; How to establish an alternative identify...and how to acquire the identification to back it up! It’s become far too easy to get so deeply in debt. Now, with the help of this guide, you can alleviate your financial quandary by Ditching Your Debts! 5.5 x 8.5 , softcover, 145 pages.