C-9668 Domestic Enemies: The Reconquista

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My new novel begins five years after the end of Enemies Foreign And Domestic, in a much darker America, which is becoming more of a police state following each new act of terrorism. The national economy is on the brink of total collapse, inflation and unemployment are soaring, and the cities are descending into ungovernable sinkholes of anarchy and ethnic violence. After decades of uncontrolled illegal immigration, tens of millions of undocumented Hispanic aliens have received amnesty, and both political parties are pandering to the desires of these new Spanish-speaking instant-citizens. The action in Domestic Enemies takes place between Oklahoma and California, but much of it occurs in New Mexico. After many years of an open-door policy to illegals and lax motor-voter registration, the state government has been taken over (in rigged elections) by extremists, who are only nominally members of the Democratic Party. The federal government, which is dealing with multiple crises it considers far more urgent, turns a blind eye to the ethnic and political turmoil in the backwater border state. Thus the stage is set for a bloody showdown between New Mexico ranchers who refuse to leave their ancestral lands, and the Milicia de Nuevo Mexico, which is comprised largely of former illegal alien immigrants, fighting for free land to be distributed as the spoils of victory. Could this really happen? Or has it already begun? Buy this amazing novel and find out for yourself. 539 pages, softcover, 6” x 9”.