C-9528 I Am Not A Number!: Freeing America From the ID State


We’re already compelled to carry a government assigned number to get health care, enroll our kids in school, open a bank account, drive a car, hold a job, buy stocks or even rent a video. We endure scans, warrantless searches and inspections. Cameras peer at us everywhere. The Patriot Act (in the name of homeland security ) encourages neighbors, business contacts and strangers to spy and report on us if we seem suspicious. This book is for people who want to take steps, within their own lives and their communities, to ensure that the surveillance stops here. 8.5 x 11 , 208 pages, soft cover. Find out.: 1. How we came to have a national ID driver’s license in spite of Congress having voted to repeal the damn thing (and how we can get around it). 2. How the Deadbeat Dad law intrudes on the privacy of every one of us (including childless people and responsible parents) and how that law was used as the excuse to construct a database that will be used to track our every move. 3. How new communities of free Americans could be the best way to fight oppression. These may exist physically or simply consist of like-minded individuals with a common cause. Separate, private societies can exist, even within an oppressive country, linked by their commitment to freedom.