C-9707 Letters from Elmer Keith: A Half Century of Advice on Guns, Ammo, Handloading, Hunting, and Other Pursuits

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Elmer Keith began his writing career in 1926, when his first piece appeared in American Rifleman, and continued until 1981. During this 50-plus year period, Keith developed a loyal following with whom he corresponded regularly. At one point it is estimated that he averaged 300-500 letters each month to readers, answering questions about hunting, matching appropriate cartridges and firearms to specific targets, handloading ammo and related topics. Timothy J Mullin, a noted gun writer, corresponded with Keith and kept all the letters he received. Discovering that other recipients had also saved their letters, Mullin decided to collect as many as he could and compile them into a book. Some letters dealt with hunting issues, others strictly guns and ammo, but most were a mixed bag of practical advice, unfiltered commentary and insightful tales of life on the American frontier. Rounding out the compilation are never-before published photos of Elmer Keith, with his trademark cigar, 10-gallon hat and six guns.

8.5”x11”, soft cover, photos, 222 pages