C-142 Live Off The Land In The City And Country


Not just another eat roots and berries book! Ragnar Benson, famed survival writer and best-selling Paladin author, looks back at his experiences while living off the land- even in the city for the past forty years. He reveals a totally practical survival program unlike any other. Benson believes that wild, fresh game is the best source of nutrition in a do-or-die situation, He tells you how to find it, even in urban habitats. This complete guide to surviving in style is, of course, written in Benson’s lively, down-home manner. Survivalists, retreaters, backpackers, and anyone looking for more self-sufficient life-style should definitely have this one in their libraries.5 1/2 x8 1/2, 263 pages, over 100 photos, 263 pages. & softcover.