C-9638 The Master Gunmaker's Guide To Building Bolt-action Rifles


Many people today call themselves gunmakers, but very few have actually made a gun. Most buy parts wherever available and simply assemble them. During the past 50 years Bill Holmes has built from scratch countless rifles, shotguns and pistols of amazing artistry, ranging in caliber from .17 to .50. He has mastered the art of custom-making all the component parts himself and earned the right to call himself a gunmaker. In this book the esteemed gunmaker shows you step-by-step how to make (or modify) a custom bolt-action rifle in an inexpensive small shop. By following the simple instructions and mechanic’s drawings, you will discover how to select the design, materials and tools; manufacture the bolt, trigger, safety and sights; fit, chamber, shape and finish the barrel; ensure that your heat-treating is done properly; design, checker and finish the stock; and everything else you need to know to be able to call yourself a gunmaker. 8.5 x 11 , softcover, photos, illus., 152 pages.