C-9796 The Paladin Book of Dangerously Fun Stuff: For Boys Who Never Really Grew Up

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The Paladin Book of Dangerously Fun Stuff
For Boys Who Never Really Grew Up

Curious. A nose for adventure. A taste for the dangerous. A sense of humor. Sound like you? Then The Paladin Book of Dangerously Fun Stuff is just what you need!

 Now, ther is the most engaging book ever: an expert team commissioned a slew of brand-new articles from all your favorite authors – plus some new ones you are sure to love – and distilled excerpts from all corners of the Action Library, from best-sellers and hidden gems. The result is a wildly eclectic compilation of dangerously fun topics that offers something for every taste.

Want to learn how to land an airplane if you had to? It's here. Want to know what it's like to drive a car off a 300-foot cliff? That's here, too. Build a backyard catapult? Yep, plus 70 more chapters that provide, in the tradition, all sorts of unusual perspectives on guns and weapons, self-defense, revolutions, self-reliance and much, much more. You'll get unusual advice on such things as how to:

-Fight a duel
-Start your own country
-Deal with wacko coworkers
-Rake in the dough as a sports bookie
-Put out a house fire with a garden hose
-Get your vehicle on the road after a rollover
-Crack a whip like Indiana Jones
-Talk your way out of a fight
-Disable a tank

From some of your favorite authors like:

-Ragnar Bensen
-John Plaster
-Jeff Cooper
-Mark Hatmaker
-Loren Christensen
-Paul Kirchner
-Dwight McLemore
-and more.

Live dangerously. Live free. Have fun. This book is dedicated to all that good stuff, carefully selected for those of us who never really grew up. And don't intend to.

1) Dealing with Potentially Violent Coworkers
2) Fighting a House Fire with a Garden Hose
3) Confessions of a Ferrari Mechanic
4) Making Traps and Snares
5) Mantracking
6) Boxing DQs for Self-Defense
7) Your Rights
8)The Secret to Good Marksmanship that Nobody Wants to Talk About
9) Celebrating the Bicentennial in Cell Block
10) The Greatest Sniper of All Time
11) Guerrilla Fishin'
12) How to Win a Knife Fight
13) How to Land an Airplane… If you Must
14) Safari Hunting in Old Africa
15) Fighting Fit in 15
16) Running a Police Stakeout with Jim Cirillo
17) Constructing an Aluminum Foil Beanie to Combat Mind Control
18) Bet or Not to Bet?
19) Placing a Football Bet
20) How to Be a Sports Bookie
21) Start Your Own Country
22) Reading Body Language
23) Hand-to-Hand Combat the World War 2 Way
24) Thinking Like a Pilot to Boost Your Car's Performance
25) Riots as a Spectator Sport
26) Constructing Simple Homemade Rockets
27) A Rescue Fire Fighter's Quick Course in First Aid
28) Adventure Travel in the Third world
29) The Deadliest Men
30) The Chinese "Death Touch ": Fact or Fiction?
31) Making Weapons out of PVC Pipe
32) Be a Real Life Private Eye
33) How to Safely Clean any Firearm
34) Practical Codes, Ciphers, and Street Writing
35) Kitchen Table Remedies for Survival Medicine
36) The Complete Archer
37) Principles of Personal Defense
38) How to Disable a Tank
39) African American Confederate Sharpshooters: Fact of Fiction?
40) How to Skin Any and Everything
41) How to Knock Someone out with One Punch
42) Interpreting Graffiti in Your Neighborhood
43) Get Rich as a Televangelist or Faith Healer
44) The Wrestling Eight
45) Lessons From My Father
46) 10 Steps to Great Beef or Game Jerky
47) How to Avoid a Fight Without Throwing a Punch
48) The First Flattop M16
49) Secrets of Surviving Airline Travel
50) The Art of Combat Knife Throwing
51) How to Really Climb a Rope
52) The Selous Scouts
53) Vehicle Rollover Recovery
54) The Fighting Tomahawk
55) Mayday! Emergency Radio Communications
56) 10 Warrior Principles for All People to Live By
57) How to Become a Professional Con Artist
58) A Quick and Dirty Guide to Crossbows
59) Brady Denial? Get Your Guns Back
60) The Border Patrol
61) A Crash Course in Survival Driving
62) How Should a Warrior Train?
63) How to Break a Board with Your Bare Hand
64) How to Sharpen any Knife
65) Gun slinging the Old West Way
66) Cracking the Whip
67) How to Become Invisible in the Woods
68) Developing Speed for Martial Arts
69) Build a Backyard Catapult

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