C-9436 The Survival Nurse: Running An Emergency Nursing Station Under Adverse Conditions


Running an Emergency Nursing Station Under Adverse Conditions by Ragnar Benson. One of the most overlooked topics in the field of survival medicine is nursing. Doctors or medically trained survivors can patch up a patient after an injury or accident, but it is the survival nurse who provides for the extended long term care as well as the dozens of related activities that support the healing process under less than ideal conditions. Inluded are the ins and outs of big five considerations of survival nursing, how to sew up wounds, pull teeth, deliver babies, and provide physical therapy, The must have supplies to keep in stock, Tricks on handling the luandry generated by a nursing station, how to maintain a low profile in survival situations. 5.5 x 8.5, softcover, photos & illustrations, 160 pages